Merve Kavuşan was born in Istanbul on January 23, 1985. Having completed her elementary and high school education in Istanbul, Kavuşan completed her education at the Kavram MYO affiliated with Beykent University with a degree in Graphic Design Department. She was first in her department and third in the school.

She continues her education with a second bachelor’s degree in Social Media Management. She considers social media language and management are integral parts of digital design, due to their importance in brand positioning.

She served as Creative Director and Sr. Digital Arts Director in global, corporate brands and agencies, operating in different industries.

Brand awareness, creative brand book, creating periodical management plans for conventional and digital brand design, motion graphic video, TV spot advertisement experiences are also available in her portfolio.



Grafikare Agency / Currently Active

Carex Sweden Celene’s by Sweden / Bionnex (Dermo Cosmetics) / Uvela

Venividi Hospitals /Health Group

Uyar Holding Unifo Gıda/ Transvaro / Pllanart / Garanti / Golden Key and Workinn Hotel Group

Okan Group Hospital / University / Educational Institution

Akademi Unique / Abdi İbrahim İlaç / Bilgi Mefar İlaç / Ecolab / Bp / Opet / Aviva Cosmetics / Betek Boya / E-bebek

Turkcell Cmc – Pluscom

Dama Agency



VISUAL MERCHANDISE & GRAPHIC DESIGN                                        100%

MARKETING PROJECT MANAGEMENT                                                  100%


SOCIAL MEDIA MANAGEMENT                                                                100%