Mettler Toledo, the leading manufacturer and service provider of precision weighing and measuring equipment worldwide, preferred Grafikare Agency for its visual communication and digital media solutions in its operations in Turkey.

Grafikare Agency, which was established 2 years ago with its expert staff and solution-oriented approach, continues to serve corporate companies within the scope of many conventional business and digital media solutions. Mettler Toledo renewed its contract with Grafikare Agency, to which it entrusted all its visual media within the scope of agency needs in the last quarter of 2019, and said yes to a long-term cooperation.

Süheyla Konan, Marketing Manager of Mettler Toledo Turkey, said, “We would like to thank the Grafikare Agency team, who acted as a team from us and mobilized all their creativity in finding solutions while determining our needs in our cooperation that started after the second half of 2019. I and my team were very pleased, especially by adapting to our work and functioning in a very short time and working in such harmony. At the end of this satisfaction, we renewed our contract this year and signed a long-term solution partnership. I think that there is no job that will not reach a result with a professional team,” she said.